We are a dedicated team, who take pride in providing you with the absolute best experience we possibly can. Here at Empire we take pride in our work, and are focused on improving you're cars durability, reliability as well as performance. We have built many cars from many shapes and models yet specialize in ford barra's. We are constantly building them and creating parts for them. Our greatest accomplishments have been met with hard work and effort.

Our two records are

  • 7.2- Ozzy's KNG-FGX

  • 8.6 - Bass's FG WAR-F6   


As the Empire brand we love to take pride in our work and ensure we are providing an outstanding service. As we continue to set goals and leave a mark in the performance world, we are continually looking to improve our work and keep pushing forward. We recognize the individual needs of customers and pride ourselves in providing a tailored personalized experience to them. Our customers generally bring in their car to transition from STREET TO ELITE. 

Although we are a performance shop we do complete the general tasks needed to ensure your vehicle is healthy and continually serviced to ensure complete reliability as-well as inspections for pinkslips/blueslips. 

Within our performance approach we do have our own performance part brand in which we provide high-quality performance parts for your vehicle. As a performance workshop we complete alot of tasks like, Turbo Upgrades, Dyno-Tuning and Engine Building/Repairing. 




Great team very friendly, having little to no mechanical knowledge were happy to answer any questions i had. The cars performance far exceeded my expectations. Very happy and will be back. Thanks guys


Absolute champion team, super helpful, down to earth and honest!Took my g6e in for some love after some changes, came out a total different car. Couldn't recommend them high enough, and already pushing another 2 mates to them